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Violent Circus by Vesse!

Stirrymatt, Oct 5, 11 10:34 PM.


Stirrymatt, Sep 8, 11 1:02 PM.
Every friend (almost at least!) who hasn't applied has been kicked for now on. NOTHING personal, but make the quick application, either apply as a FRIEND if you were a friend!

OR even better, as a member if you clearly think you're here to be an awesome member!


Yep, means more work for us to handle the applications, but it's been decided and we're gonna do it.

Also, here's a "quick" review of the incomplete guild rules which I wrote today. Wall of text.


1.0 General shit

1.1 - PvP requirements (8.9.2011 - ) to join this guild
At least, MINIMUM of 1800 arena rating in one of the brackets for a trial. Ok, we use common sense for this and we're flexible.
Good application and attitude should still be what has the biggest role in this, arena rating shouldn't be the only thing we're expecting.

For PvE-only requirements same rules, but I guess without the arena rating requirement.

1.2 - Being nice to people

We're a bunch of e-thugs and everyone tends to have a larger e-peen than an average World of Warcraft player, however,
that doesn't mean you need to be rude. Being a gentleman makes you a better player than a douchebag with high arena ratings.
My advice would be not to be one of those douches. Do not TROLL people, especially if they don't realize it. The worst thing you can do is make someone emo-quit the guild because of your behaviour. Continously, such attitude won't be tolerated. The biggest mistake you can do is being a douche to your OWN guild mates and at worst, to me. Do not do that.

I personally do not care if you troll people elsewhere, just avoid doing it to your own guild mates, especially if they don't realize it.

2.0 - Guild ranks and what does my rank mean?

and True-Asses are people who are the guys who sort of lead this guild and should know majority of the shit what's going on and have experience of this guild. If you have questions regarding the guild rules, raids, something, ask those dudes. They might be slackers, tho. True asses are often an alt of an officer, just to make stuff easier. THESE are the people who have rights to do almost anything they want.

Veterans are guys who have given a lot to the guild, showed a lot of activity and are trusted. Veterans can invite alts of members of this guild to this guild. Veterans can't invite their friends unless an officer or I have agreed. Other than alts should always still apply to the guild and if they're a friend, they should apply as a FRIEND. IF A VETERAN INVITES AN ALT TO THE GUILD, EITHER THE VETERAN OR THE ALT HAS TO ADD A NOTE OF THEIR MAIN CHARACTER TO THE NOTE-BOX SO WE CAN SEE WHO THE FUCK IS EVERYONE!

Members are members. They've been accepted to the guild, they're good players and have passed the trial and is a good bro.

Onee-Chan^___^ -rank. No comments.

Trial  is a person has been invited to the guild, but hasn't passed the flexible 2-week-trial perioid. Sometimes trials can be in the guild for longer than two weeks, mostly because of the officers being slackers or haven't made the decision yet if they're fitting for this guild or not.

Friend is a dude who has been only invited to this guild, because he's a friend of someone BUT has not passed the requirements of this guild when applied. Friends should always tell in their applications, that they are applying as a friend and whose friend he is.

is an alt of a member of this guild, sometimes an alt of a friend. Veterans can invite alts to the guild, too, just sayin' again.

Clown is the asshole without a decent rank, has been demoted because he's quite an ass or is just something I personally use to see if veterans or other slackers are actually promoting people to alts.

3.0 - Guild bank rights and repairing
Generally if you need something from the guild bank, you should ask an officer if you can fetch something from there or take a loan if you want to buy some shinies and you don't have gold. For "safety reasons", there's a limit of gold everyone can fetch a day.

Repairing and all the enchants and consumables are in 95% of the cases to pay for PvE repair costs, flasks and stuff. If you're desperate, I guess you can use guild bank repairs, but continously doing so, every day, will make you lose the guild bank rights. At some point over the last spring, I noticed that around thousands of gold a week was fading from the guild bank due to some people using the repairs for something else than PvE. In a long term, it's a lot of gold.

Guild bank repairs may be allowed for use to everyone every now and then, but you should see someone announcing it.

4.0. PvE rules, check below.

5.0 F.A.Q and shit
1.) - Why did I get kicked off the guild? Dude! :/
-You were too inactive, hadn't logged for months. Or you were an asshole or didn't pass a trial. Sorry fella! Talk to an officer if you need to. You might've also been a person who has been smuggled into the guild, often a friend of someone and you've not applied.

- I saw the guild master using guild bank and doing something against the guild rules! It's not fair, I am a human too and we all should have equal human rights...
-Last time checked, I was an undead. Your argument is invalid.

3.) I think there's something cheesy going on which I should talk about, but I feel like I shouldn't talk about it. Who to talk to anyway?
-Dude... talk to officers always if you think something isn't right.

4.) Why does everyone need to apply? It's retarded and time consuming, I must AFK in orgrimmar with my friends ffs
This is a rule we decided a good while ago. It's MOSTLY for VISIBILITY so we can see who the hell is joining and the application tells a lot of the person, too.


6.0 - Play for fun.
Play for fun and try not to take stuff too seriously. Have a good time and everyone is happy. As one of the rule suggests, be a gentleman -or a woman. We all have our awkward and emotional moments every now and then, but hey, we're playing with real people here, not with NPC's. You don't need to be an asshole to be an awesome player!


Rules regarding PvE. Gonna post Nefthys's own version to some fun-section thread, because she wrote the original ones like a true nazi-german officer.

PVE rules, written by Nefthys, re-edited by MATT. Holy shit.

1.  Everyone who signed up has to show up in time and wait for an invite to the raid on their mains and outside battlegrounds or random heroics. It's not cool to chase people on their alts, skype, other games, random heroics, whatever. Real life is a bitch sometimes, but if possible try to inform the raid or the guild if you'll be delayed. It helps us know what to do in that situation, but that's also called good manners.

2. While raiding we should expect a serious attitude from everyone, when it comes to actual progress. The serious attitude mostly means, don't intentionally ass around and wipe the whole raid, because you thought this is fun. Remember to stay away from fire.

3. While on Skype or Ventrilo, being funny and joking is great, dude, but try to stay in your pants. Don't get to a point where someone gets offended. While raiding, have some common sense and realize that nobody cares about what you ate yesterday or your gym lessons, unless we are having a break or nothing too fancy is happening.  Especially when tactics are being explained try to keep it quet as possible even if you know the fight.

4. Even though tactics are often being explained, come prepared. Means you should have your consumables and the knowledge about the fight, have your PvE set and talents on your hands! Go to tankspot, fatboss etc. and watch the awesome movies of the fights until you think that "I got this!" If you've seen the fight before the actual tries on those bosses, it really helps not only yourself, but the whole bunch of raiders.

6. Don't afk during the raid; our raids are short, varies from two to three hours max. We WILL have short breaks after every few bosses!

Lastly, these rules are made because we want to improve YOUR raiding experience. Raids are sort of a bitch, because of the amount of people needed, they have to be scheduled.

Even though serious attitude is expected towards raiding, ironically - don't take everything TOO seriously.

Breaking News regarding the RBG tournament! Sorry Excali!

Stirrymatt, Sep 6, 11 2:03 PM.

August news!

Excaliant, Jan 17, 11 1:29 PM.
August - It's getting colder and colder, people are coming back to the world (of warcraft) after a vacation in the real life.

So the new season have begun, people are busy reaching high enough ratings to get the best possible gear - and who knows, maybe compete for the highest achivement out there - The gladiator title.

We are thinking about getting a RBG team up and running, as we've been invited to a RBG tournament. We will look at what players we have ready for a task like this, who knows maybe we'll get good enough to win it ? We have capable enough players atleast. :)

On the PvE front its been really quiet the last few weeks. Summertime and people got better things to do then to sit and geek around infront of the computer. However we will try to step into Firelands very soon. Most of our PvE squad is ready to rumble atleast.

Stay tuned for more breaking news about Violent Circus!


Work in progress! =D
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